About Us

After nearly 20 years of serving as a source for promotional products and/or decorated apparel, we want to pause here and say THANK YOU! From the beginning of our entry into this business, we have strived to make our number one goal giving "great" customer service. With that said, the mission of our company is to make every effort possible to completely satisfy you with every purchase. We promise to work hard to earn your trust, and keep it by doing what we say, delivering the product when we say, and presenting you with a product that you will be proud to have your company name printed on, always at a competitive price. We assure you that not only will our service remain top-notch, but the quality of the products will remain top-notch as well. We have secured relationships with top suppliers and are partnering with top clothing manufacturers as well. We will always strive to keep quality at an "above your expectations" level. We welcome your input on ways we can serve you better.

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